From the get-go, my experience with Maison Shefali has been defined by genuine warmth, and care and consideration to ensure I find precisely what I’m looking for. I’m pleased with the Maison Shefali sarees/dress/jumpsuit I’ve worn and every piece finds its own special place in my wardrobe effortlessly.


New Delhi, India
21 Jul, 2020
Great customer service and shopping experience.


Mumbai, India
15 Jul, 2020
Maison Shefali has been my go to brand for festive as well as casual wear. Traditional yet modern, with beautiful silhouettes and amazing fabrics. They have unique and contemporary designs which is what keeps me shopping from them over and over again. Highly recommend !

Siddha Makkar

Jaipur, India
15 Jul, 2020
Value for money!! The prices may seem a little high. But it is worth that buy. Quality, workmanship is great :)

Rani Gill

USA, United States
14 Jul, 2020
There is a personal touch to everything that they do. Right from orders, to their clothes, to their customer service. It is done with a lot of love and care.


Mumbai, India
14 Jul, 2020
Simple is beautiful. I have collaborated with Maison Shefali and have been her client as well. And I must say MS is as simple as she is. Her clothes make me feel comfortable and at ease, the simplicity with which intricate design decisions have been taken makes me really proud of owning and wearing this label. The clothes remind me of home. Hope you grow and bloom as long as you wish for.

Swati Sharma

Bangalore, India
13 Jul, 2020
Attires brought from Maison Shefali have gained me appreciation and compliments from friends and family on various occasions. The intricacy and beautiful handwork gave an extra oomph to the outfit, instilling confidence in my attitude towards carrying it well. Also, the comfort, fuss free and easy going ensemble was the perfect match to the messy me. My heart goes to Shefali and her team for crafting perfection. Cheers!

Suhani Jain

Gurgaon, India
13 Jul, 2020

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